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Open Positions

The Soghigian Lab is always interested in new students and, where funding is available, postdoctoral scholars.  If you're interested in upcoming opportunities that may not be posted yet, feel free to reach out to John.

Undergraduates are always welcome and encouraged to reach out to John about potential opportunities in the lab.


Undergraduate students at University of Calgary interested in research experience should reach out, as there are often programs available to support summer or semester research projects.


The Soghigian Lab is always happy to hear from potential graduate students. At present, we are not actively recruiting graduate students, but John is always willing to discuss potential projects or future opportunities by email with those interested.


The Soghigian Lab is not actively recruiting a postdoc right now.  However, we are always interested in potential projects and interesting questions.  John is always willing to discuss projects with potential postdocs and consider grant opportunities.

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